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Ascend Office Accessories Ltd.
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Ascend Office Accessories Ltd.

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Ascend Office Accessories ltd - specialized manufacturer for spare parts for printers, copiers and MFP, located in China. Having passed ISO9001-2000, ISO14001-2004, ROHS and REACH certificates, our products achieve good reputation in the market with both superior quality and competitive price.

Among all products, fuser film sleve from Ascend officially authorized to supply HP China because of its good performace since 2005. Ascend Office Accessories ltd have numerous distribution companies for fuser film sleeve in serveral countries, such as France, Brasil, Mexico, Romania, Ukraine and UK.

Primary charge rollers (PCR), deverloper rollers and supply rollers are another popular products supplied by Ascend. Endless research and development race allow us to offer wide range of PCR/Developer roller/Supply rollers,  eliminating printing background and reduce noise back to the original OEM level. Nowdays, Ascend Office Accessories ltd supply toner cartridge manufacturers from all over the world with high quality parts. Rollers sales volumes exceed 1,500,000 pcs monthly. Each year, we develop new models suitable for the market , helping our customer to develop new cartridge models too.

We also can supply partners with components match of cartridge to remanufacturer of cartridge in the market, therefore, we sell cartridge plastic case, OPC, Mag roller, blade, toner as well as finished toner cartridges.

Copier parts, cleaning web roller, transfer belts, pressure rollers - another business direction of Ascend.

Ascend Office Accessories Ltd. looking forward to establish business relations with you!



Phone: 0086-757-86366750

Fax: 0086-757-86366753


No.1 Jianping RD, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong
#601-602,No.1 Building,Tian'an Digital City

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