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UniNet Releases Unique Solution for Remanufacturers

UniNet Releases Unique Solution for Remanufacturers

by on 10-18-2012 01:37PM in Industry News


A Universal Conversion Cover has been released by UniNet, offering a cost saving solution for Lexmark cartridge remanufacturer.
UniNet says, the Universal Conversion Cover can be used to transform inexpensive Optra S or T, 520, 630 or 640 cores into a cartridge that works in over 100 different printer models, including 100% universal cartridges, when using a Universal Superchip.
For example, UniNet explains, with the use of the Cover, readily available Optra S & T cores can be converted into the more expensive T630 and T640 cartridges. The cartridges will work in every model in this series including Lexmark, Dell, IBM and Toshiba, as well as in any global region.
With empties being a major issue today, this solution would help lower costs, reduce inventory, and best of all, only two cartridges are needed to produce a high yield, or extra high yield.

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