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CIFEX|RemaxAsia Expo is attractive to visitors around the world who are looking for a one-stop solution for their business in the imaging supplies industry. With so many manufacturers of various types of imaging products in or close to Zhuhai, visitors can meet potential suppliers or buyers at the show and then visit their factories. This unique and innovative exhibition model of "booth in front and factory at back" increases the efficiency and opportunities for successful business partnerships.

CIFEX|RemaxAsia Expo aims to build a platform for businesses in the region to develop their international markets and build their corporate image. We hope to help build a community for businesses in the region to develop the imaging industry as a whole. CIFEX|RemaxAsia Expo also creates a great opportunity for international -companies to penetrate further into the fast-growing Chinese market, or to find the right outsourcing partners from the region.

The first CIFEX|RemaxAsia Expo held in Zhuhai was in 2007. Since then, the show has experienced rapid growth.

Expo organized by Recycling Times Media Corporation, publishing and events company encompassing a wide international portfolio of products and services. 


Established in 2006, Recycling Times serves the printer supply companies in the Greater China and other Chinese speaking regions with its magazine Recycling Times, events CIFEX|RemaxAsia Expo, and various conferences for the printer supplies industry. "We want to serve the industry by providing the latest information and in-depth analysis, as well as creating the most effective communication platform for businesses in the remanufacturing industry, in China and other parts of the world." comments Tony Lee, Managing Director of Recycling Times.

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