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Double Pipe Heat Exchanger manufacturers

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Date: 12-25-2017
Expiration Date: -



Our History
Shenyang Yongye Industry Co., Ltd founded in1993, After more than 20 years of technological innovation, continuous improvement and development, has become the influential enterprises of production of special equipment for petroleum and petrochemical industries, Pipeline Subsidiary equipment,detection and technology of pipeline repairs. The production of products in the domestic industry, are in a leading position.
Company main products are: all kinds of series of Intelligent Pigging Devices, New Electronic Tracking Device, Pig Receiver and Launcher, Quick Opening Closure, Insulating Joint, etc. All kinds of specifications, material of The Filter, Separator, Heat Exchanger, Towers, Reaction Kettle, Evaporator, Cell body and Non-standard Pressure Vessel equipment etc.
Our Factory
The company occupies more than 20,000 square meters, with construction area of 12,000 square meters or more, and registered capital of RMB 50 million, the total number of 275 people, Including 10 senior engineers, engineers 35 people, assistant engineer 15 people, 1st class registered construction engineer 5 person, 2st class registered construction engineer 5 people; Has the ability of special equipment, RIPELNE PIGGING, cleaning technology for all kinds of the oil, petrochemical with research and development, design, manufacturing and processing.

Our Product
YongYe Products includes the following:
1, Quick Opening Closure
2, Insulation Joint
3, Pipeline Cleaner
4, Electronic Detection

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