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Guangzhou Printer Techonology Co.,Ltd
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Guangzhou Printer Techonology Co.,Ltd

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 Guangzhou Printer Techonology Co.,Ltd was established in 2003. We are a professional supplier of printer parts for wide range of printers.  After years of hard work, our company has become the main supplier for printer parts in mainland China. Most of our customers come from mainland China and Southeast Asia, Middle east, Africa etc.
Our leading scope is dealing with spare parts and materials for laserjet printers, pin (dot matrix) printers, inkjet printers and  also mapping accessories and disposables.
 Guangzhou Printer Techonology Co.,Ltd offer:

Laserjet Printer Parts: 

Fuser Film Sleeve, Power board, Fomatter Board, Laser Scanner, Fuser Assembly, Net Card, Scanner Asembly, Heater Lamp, Upper fuser roller, Fuser roller, Transfer Roller, Heater Gear and Bush, Transfer components, Pickup Roller, Separation Pads, Exit Roller, Sensor, Toner cartridge chip, Blades, Magnetic Roller, PCR, Toner

Dot Matrix Printer Parts: 


Print head, Ribbon drive gear,  Printer pins, Gear,  Cover, The paper machine,  Trailing Cable Motor,  Sensor DW,  Block film holder, Motherboard,  Guide Power, supply board,  Rubber Roller, Raster,  Needle guide plate, Knob,  Wearing parts, Coil Tools, Word car assembly,  Paper eject  assy, Lever  Spanner, Tractor assy,  Stylus spare parts

Inkjetjet Printer Parts:


Motherboard, Power Plate,  Penholder Gear,  Pickup roller belt,  Trailing Cable Sprinklers,  Pump components, Clean unit

We possess abundant and complete stock, good sales channel, and professional technical employees. Our company believes in: Long-term cooperation is serious in short-term interests, the corporate image is heavy in enterprise's profit, by gaining the partner sincerely, by winning the market practically.

If you are interested in our products, please have a look at it and contact us. We are looking forward to establishing good cooperation business relationships with friends from all over the world.

Phone: 86-20-62810537

Fax: 86-20-62810522


102.No,29,Shipai RoadWest,TianHe

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