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About Re:Cartridge Yellow Pages



Re:Cartridge Yellow Pages is global trade B2B website of new generation. This is professional e-marketplace for print supplies manufacturers. 



  • ReCart is PROFESSIONAL and NICHE print consumables manufacturers business directory. Only companies, belong to imaging industry may join RECART. It was made for professional buyers, who deal with printing consumables.
  • At ReCart b2b suppliers may post company profile, classifieds (product offers), images and documents (data sheets, product lists, reports, certificates). We offer a numerous free tools to promote your company and products.
  • Companies profiles and supplier's product offers available for search with Google, Yahoo and other search engines. We pay strongest attention to improvement of SEO visibility every day.
  • We offer 'pretty address' for our members, example: Easy to remember, convenient to use at your name cards.
  • Buyers search for the supplier or product. Supplier can’t find buyers. As the result no angry customers, who tried of 1000s of empty offers. Suppliers just get messages from potential buyers, who REALLY interested in their products.  


Advantages For Professional Buyers


Re: Cartridge Yellow Pages gives numerous advantages for professional buyers of printing consumables and spare parts. First of all, our business directory accepts only real companies, related to the imaging industry. To find the required supplier, you don’t need to choose right ones from hundred of useless search results.

Suppliers are categorized by product they produce. ReCart.Org checks address and contact details of all suppliers and keep them updated. Web sites of all suppliers, posted at Yellow Pages, have been checked for viruses and spyware – Re: Cartridge Yellow Pages votes for safe surf. 

Suppliers, marked as “Verified” and “Trusted”, provide us additional documents – business license copy and Chamber of Industry and Commerce confirmation letter. As a rule, these suppliers are reliable companies with solid reputation. Your cooperation with these suppliers is the first step to your success in the Business.


Advantages For Suppliers


Business Directory Re: Cartridge Yellow Pages offers you to publish detailed company information, including address and contact details, as well as information about products and services your company offer. You may choose one or more categories of products, and receive customers, interested EXACTLY in YOUR products and services.

We have a zero spam tolerance, and do not allow sending mass messages to suppliers. In 95% cases, message notification from ReCart.Org you get, was sent to you by a REAL buyer, not by the person who monitors market for prices or sending spam messages and just wasting your time.

We offer numerous tools to promote your company for FREE. Using our services You can get a big advantage in compare with your competitors.

Being a Verified Supplier or Trusted Partner of  Re: Cartridge Yellow Pages increases Your reliability level in the customer’s eyes. Besides the company information, you can post illustrated information about products, photos, documents, certificates, price-lists, technical spreadsheets and more. 


Numbers And Facts


0  USD. ZERO. Basic membership is free. Full site functions available for free members!


1  st in industry 'Feedback and rate' system is now working for you! Your company’s good reputation will be known among the new buyers. Just ask your customers to leave feedback at Recart. 


2  Becomes one. Buyers may search both for products and companies at the same time!


3 Languages support is available. We speak English, Chinese, Russian. Website’s language - English. It is developed by professional print supplies buyer for professional print supplies buyers.


15 minutes - the time you need to register a new user account and create the company profile!


71 Suppliers at Recart.Org are posted now. Join us today!


56 Product Categories are available. Professional category tree for print supplies and equipment, no one else b2b can offer!


365 Days/year Recart works for you and it's available all around the world 24/7. Our server is located in Europe. High performance is guaranteed.


1500 New visitors monthly from 100+ countries of the world. Most of the visitors come from USA, EU, Russia, India, China. Promote your products, staying in your office! 


January 2011 visitor stats. Google


terms Of Services


Re: Cartridges Business Directory and the website are belong to RECART INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (HONG KONG). RECART INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (here and further "RECART") does not provide evaluation of customers and cannot guarantee his reliability. RECART does not bear and direct or indirect legal or financial responsibility before the (to the) suppler for any losses, incurred due to the fault of customers, who came from web site. 

RECART does not provide any commercial service to buyers. We publish information about companies, provided by themselves. At the time of publication, company information is exact and accurate. We regularly update company information; however, do not bear any responsibility on changing information by supplier, if he makes it unilaterally and without notice. We do not check quality of products and services, offered by suppliers, posted at ReCart.Org website. If you are interested in this kind of service, please contact any quality assurance bureau in selected country. 

For suppliers with «Verified» status, who have valid properly issued Re: Cartridge certificate and «Verified profile» on his page, Re: Cartridge have a properly confirmed copy of supplier’s business license. For suppliers with «Trusted» status, who have valid properly issued Re: Cartridge certificate and «Trusted profile» on his page, RECART have a properly confirmed copy of supplier’s business license, confirmation letter from Chamber of Industry and Commerce. RECART representative visit Trusted Partner Company, located at given address and confirms presence of factory, manufacture warehouse and/or office. These documents and reports are available for customers by supplier’s permission. 

RECART tries to place companies with solid reputation only, however, cannot guarantee that all the suppliers posted on the site,are able to discharge fully their obligations to the customers. RECART do not bear and direct or indirect legal or financial responsibilities for the losses, carried by the buyer due to the fault of suppliers. For accurate evaluation of potential partner’s company reliability, we highly recommend you to ask authorized agents in selected country for audition service. RECART do not bear and direct or indirect legal or financial responsibilities for information, published by suppliers and breaking the authority rights and patents of third parties or law of country of presence.

Publishing information about company and its products and services, supplier confirms that information is his property and bears full responsibility for it. In case the supplier agrees with these terms, he confirms that the information to be published does not break the law of country of presence, does not break the authority right or patents, belonging to the third parties. He confirms this information does not contain any kind of pornography, violation, extremism, racism and terrorism promotion, advertisement of alcohol or drugs.




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