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What is Re:Cartridge Yellow Pages?

Re:Cartridge Yellow Pages is global trade Business to Business website of new generation. This is professional e-marketplace for print supplies manufacturers.




How can I find product or supplier?

You can search for supplier by keyword or browse suppliers database by choosing category. To perform search for product or company you need, just enter keyword into the search field and click 'GO' 



What does the supplier's status banner mean?




Your company is a famous and leading in industry. You have a good reputation. You can be a Trusted Partner  in Re:Cartridge Yellow Pages. The highest trust level




You can join Re:Cartridge Yellow Pages as a Verified Supplier if your company has enough experience in industry and strong background. High trust level.





Every company first registered in Re:Cartridge Yellow Pages becomes a Basic Member. The lowest trust level. Basic Members do not provide a copy of business license to Re:Cartridge Yellow Pages.




Do I need to be a registered user?


You don't need to be registered in Re:Cartridge Yellow Pages to search products and supplier's contact details. But only registered users may add reviews, post comments, add/manage favorites list.



How to contact the Supplier?

If you want to contact the Supplier, just click "Send Message" button at the left side of the action panel. Message will be sent directly to the Supplier.  Also you can phone the Supplier or visit his web site.  



How to register?


Just click "REGISTER" at the top or bottom of page. Fill user profile. Within 5 minutes, you will receive a confirmation email. You are required to activate your registration before your login in ReCart.Org


How can I place my company profile?

Company profile is available for registered users. Click 'Add Listing' in members area to place your company profile.



Is membership free?

Yes, everyone can be a Basic Member of Re:Cartridge Yellow Pages free of charge. Members can place company Profile, contact suppliers.



I am a supplier. How can I find buyers?

You can contact buyer, who has placed his company profile. We have zero spam tolerance, and do not allow mass message sending. ReCart.Org offers perfect SEO visibility for buyers, who search for products and suppliers with Google, Yahoo, Baidu etc. The more information is given on your page the more visitors and buyers you'll get. Please pay great attention to your page. Provide full company information, exact contact details, add more product offers (classifieds).





If you have any questions - don't hesitate to contact us.



Technical Support Hot Line 


Chinese, English: (86)  13751068821, available 09:00 - 17:00 (Beijing time)

Russian, English: (852) 81-999-131, available 12:00 - 20:00    (Beijing time)